Trends Discussion 2008

Now that we are making our way out of the “New Year” I think it’s safe to say that 2008 has hit the ground running. Have you made a difference in the lives of your customers’ businesses yet? What’s stopping you? Who’s stopping you?

Time is ticking so I want to challenge you to be forward thinking in your approach as we are just four weeks away from the closing bell of the first quarter.

At Bizucate, I'm finding that in order to add value, it's essential for me to sell and deliver for at least two hours out of my day. What does that mean for my business and my customers' businesses? It means that all this talk about a recession show us that we should take the time to add to our pool customers by making those follow-up calls and carving out new business opportunities, while delivering what we promised to our current customer base. In no way should hard times be an indicator to pay special attention to your current or potential customer base. Be proactive.

The trend for 2008 is to keep the current customer happy and constantly adding new customers to the mix.

I’d compare the selling and delivering component to the likes of a mother loving four children all the same? Surely, doesn’t she love one more than the other? Selling and delivering operate in this way, when you’re out doing the presentations, or trying to make a sell all while giving your current customers what they deserve, it makes it impossible to love one more than the other, well, almost.

Let’s start with what’s necessary and add value in the way we do business.

Keep the learning going…pass it on!