Our mission is to improve your business strategies, workflow, service and profitability.

For the past 13 years, Bizucate has created distinctly educational coverage of issues and trends in business strategy, management, sales, marketing and operations. With the growing acceptance- not to mention popularity- of multi-channel communications, we have begun to structure our courses, workshops, presentations, coaching and consulting projects using the most effective and dynamic combinations of Adobe Connect sessions, web meetings, conference calls, self-lead instruction and face-to-face delivery. We work with our clients to determine their needs and goals first; then we create an educational package. We build relevant and informative courses, presentations and campaigns while carefully identifying the most appropriate mode(s) of communication to best convey the information. It is our ultimate goal to not simply inform but to inspire action.

Bizucate has had the privilege of working with some of the best designers, marketers, printers, business owners, speakers, teachers, writers, organizations and clients. Great ideas, conversations and experiences come from a variety of sources, and we are constantly seeking to build the best teams of collaborators to provide engaging and dynamic workshops, presentations and educational opportunities.

Peter Muir: President

With over 15 years of educational design and business coaching experience, Peter is well known within the graphic communications industry as a source of information and inspiration. He initially started Bizucate as a way to channel his passion for and knowledge about the graphic communication industry towards helping companies learn, grow and increase their profits. Over the years, his expertise has expanded to encompass technology, strategy and marketing in a variety of vertical markets and other industries.

Peter is a lifelong learner, wired to absorb information and craft new skills. His passion for sharing knowledge in an accessible way makes him an effective consultant, facilitator and educator. Peter creates learning environments and consulting projects that enable individuals and organizations to actualize their potential and achieve extraordinary results.

Peter has traveled worldwide, developing and delivering face-to-face workshops, online courses, long-term consulting projects and rousing keynotes to all levels of an organization. Always interested in new ways of thinking and doing business, Peter shows no signs of slowing down.  

Peter holds an M.S. in Graphic Communications/Digital Publishing from Rochester Institute of Technology, a B.S. in English and Communication from the University of Scranton, and he is proud to be a TEDx Fellow. 


"Of all the ways to communicate today, my favorite channel is face-to-face".


Experience with the following industries:

• Graphic Communications • Commercial Printing • Professional Associations • Higher Education • Graphic Design • Retail • SOHO • Corporate Marketing • Corporate Communications •  Pharmaceutical • Manufacturing • Architecture • Workflow Software Development • Government • Non-profit • Agriculture/Chemical • Transportation • Energy • Healthcare • Financial • Food/Beverage • Insurance • Hospitality • Telecom