Keep In Touch This Summer

The hot summer months are officially upon us and despite the fact that there are less hours worked and more time outdoors, make it a point to keep the networking going. The summer offers endless 62308 possiblities of squeezing some "getting to know you" moments in. For instance, weddings, picnics, conferences, camping trips, get togethers, vacations, family get my point.

I read an article by Buzzy Gordon over at about the power of meeting new people, finding out what makes them tick, things they need help with, and making an offer to stay in touch. Creating a system on how to follow-up, well, that's another post, but check out the article here.

Let me know your networking plans during these hot summer months. I know I'll be out and about making new friends and exchanging contact info. 

Keep the learning going...pass it on!