Reach Out And Touch Someone

I just can’t seem to get this stack of business cards off my mind.

When I teach seminars or meet people along the way that classic marketing method is always in play--the exchanging of business cards. I contact some of the key people who hand me cards based on a timely need or project idea that aligns with our current efforts. But we can't always get to all those people.

I actually sat at my desk and brainstormed about how I could possibly make an impact on each individual who took the liberty to hand me their contact information, and not to mention those of whom I actually requested that they hand over their contact information so that I could, you guessed it - contact them.

What should I do?

Do I handcraft a response about what I can do for them? Nah, that’s bound to get too big before it even gets going. I’m thinking I should create an engine that’s threefold:  generates ideas, serves as a resource and keeps the dialog going between me and the the potentially Bizucated masses. In that order, I could make a huge difference. As a coach, I teach customers how to grow their customers’ businesses. Technically, it’s my duty to pass on what I know and I like to think that by passing on what I’ve learned, I’m creating the possibility of my customers being the best at what they do. Which takes me to my next point, my knowledge is only as good as the action that follows.

Over the years, I’ve learned that everyone, no matter what business they’re in, struggles with time management, keeping up the pace and just plain old getting things done. What if there was a reliable source that kept us on the up and up about how to overcome these challenges. A resource that my contacts could count on. A resource that would help me, help my contacts, help themselves.

I find that the clients who prevail are the ones who apply what they’ve learned and actually do the work. I’m doing the work by getting the business and writing and delivering the presentations and completing the consulting projects. Now, I’m ready to take it a step further. It’s time to create a system that’s going to serve as a resource for everyone that I come in contact with. How much greater would our community be if all of us were committed to making an impact on everyone who trusted us enough to hand over their business cards?

Maybe this would be a good spot in this posting to reveal the new service I have in mind, maybe revealing it here would be premature…I guess the major question/revelation for me would be ‘why am I doing this?’

As I take the next step in Bizucating my contacts, I‘d like to thank you for giving me the time and the space that I needed to realize the vision of the next dimension at Bizucate. If you've got some ideas you'd like to share, let me know. Stay tuned.

Keep the learning going, pass it on.