Seminar Planning & Delivery

A gathering of minds is an effective way to motivate, organize and build a company or institution. Bizucate has participated in a number of events ranging from lengthy international tours to online podcast seminar series. Commonly working within theme’s or conceptual/business development framework we begins by helping our clients define their goals, audience and desired outcome. Then, working within this custom context begin to create content, organize materials, plan timelines and engage participants.

Having found greater success when events are preceded and followed by a few touches we apply a protracted approach to seminars we call The Physics Of Events. We often schedule an introduction webinar or conference call to get attendees' minds on the topics that wil be covered during the event, build enthusiasm for the sessions and, in some cases, even assigning prework. Then, following the event we organize an hour long coaching call to reinforce concepts introduced during the seminar's sessions. This spread the pertinent information over a greater amount of the attendees' consciousness while making the actual event time more efficient because introductions will have been made and minds will be primed before the first session begins.

Multichannel/Format events have been well received across verticals and have included: Adobe Connect sessions, conference calls, podcasts, follow up coaching, additional seminar or informational events, workshop sessions, key notes and panel discussions.

Recent topics:

• Leveraging Social Media

• What Does Green Mean For You?